Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hey ya'll!

Good news! All of the interns are officially here! Ronnie and Dustin are construction site leaders, Keri is involved in relational ministries and I'm doing my thing with communications :) And I'm absolutely loving my time with them! They're already like family to me and I'm excited for all the great times we're going to have!

This week was awesome! We had a great youth group from Arlington, Texas come and serve Cammie Carroll, Ruby Augustine and the town of Bush. Bush is on the North Shore, about 25 minutes from where I live. That area was seriously affected by the recent tornadoes that hit southern Louisiana, so a team from Trinity went along with the kids from Arlington. The team from Arlington had this rule about "cuss words". Every time someone said something bad, they owed 5 pushups. Unfortunately for me, "cuss words" included totally normal words like "hate" or "dang it". So if I said "Ugh, Wal-Mart, I hate you!" (which I say daily. Like every time we drive past it), I would have to do 5 pushups. Apparently, I have a really dirty mouth!! Those pushups really added up!

On Wednesday, all the interns and some other staff went crabbing and it was so much fun! Eating them is a lot more work than catching them though. In other news, this Monday all the interns and Katie are piling into a car and driving to Madison, Alabama to work with Crisis Response there. It's really cool because the team that's coming down to Alabama that week is from Hershey, Pa! :)

God's really been teaching me a lot and I've only been down here for 3 weeks. I believe that I'm supposed to be here longer than just this summer. I'm about to start the process of filling out the 'Explore' application, which covers 7-23 months of ministry. My plan is still to come home in the beginning of August and continue to raise support to come back down, hopefully by September.

Prayer Requests:

1) Safety in traveling to Alabama
2) Continuing to raise financial support for this fall

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support!

Chelsea :)

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