Monday, October 24, 2011

Planning My Course...

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." - Proverbs 16:9

Me and George, one of our construction site leaders
This verse keeps coming up more and more in my life, especially in the past few weeks.
For those of you who do not know, I'm currently in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I got here on Saturday and I spent today sitting in meetings with some awesome people who do a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Tomorrow I'm going to a writing workshop with some other communications people from our national office.

Two weeks ago, I had no idea that I would be on a plane to Minneapolis at 6 in the morning this past Saturday (Shout out to Jen who drove me to Mississippi at 4 a.m.!). Again, the reoccurring verse: Proverbs 16:9.
I'm learning more how important it is to have Christ as my solid foundation, the steady person that I can lean against. He blesses me in amazing ways! And He is literally determining my every step, and I am happily following!
The past week was great with teams from California, Maryland, Missouri and old friends from Pennsylvania! During our block party, one of the team members helped to lead a person to Christ. Still praising God for working in the city I love!

Please pray that:
  • I'll travel safely as I am going to Pennsylvania, Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas in the next month
  • I'll continue to give God the glory when He creates amazing opportunities for me!
  • God will recruit interns when I travel to different colleges in the coming weeks
Praising God for:
  • The unique opportunity to learn more about communications in Minneapolis
  • Being able to go home to Pennsylvania for 2 weeks!
  • His faithfulness and steadfastness
Praying for those of you that are reading this, that God is working in your life too! Thank you so much!

Chelsea :)