Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back in NOLA

As some of you might know, I'm in New Orleans writing this blog post! Just being here for the past 24 hours has reminded me how  much I absolutely love this city. I have missed driving around these crazy streets, eating amazing creole food and seeing God at work in people that I meet.
Yummm! Gumbo!
Just this morning, I went to church at Castle Rock Community in the city and it was so incredible worshiping with old friends and meeting new ones.
My new friend Raeion. We got to have lunch together!
The reason why I'm here in NOLA this week is because TouchGlobal is having their biannual meetings to go over new sites (like New Jersey) and strategic plans for the rest of the year.  Please pray for us this week as we meet,  pray and plan. Also pray for my safety as I fly back to Pennsylvania on Thursday morning. I am praising God for the ability to be a part of such a Christ-centered ministry! I also want to thank my supporters because you all made it possible to be here this week.  I'm looking forward to updating my blog and telling you how this week goes.  Thank you for your prayers!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Sex-trafficking in the Crescent City

If your family is anything like mine, you're probably grocery shopping tomorrow for the big Superbowl party this Sunday. Whether you are hosting or going, you are one of the thousands that will tune into the big game. You may not know that a lot more than football is happening on Superbowl weekend every year. While one team wins a championship, hundreds of lives are ruined by the hour.

Superbowl weekend is the biggest weekend in the world of sex-trafficking in the United States. When all of those fans arrive in the city of New Orleans this weekend, so will many people who are trapped in sin and looking to exploit girls and women in exchange for money.

Check out this article by Justin Holcomb from Mars Hill Church and join me this weekend in lifting the women and girls of New Orleans in prayer.


  • For protection of the girls and women whose lives are in danger this weekend
  • For those who are using sexual exploitation for their own gain; pray for their souls and their salvation
  • For the end of human trafficking. Our God is greater!