Praise and Prayer

July 18, 2012
-All went well in Colorado and Haiti and I came back safe and sound
-Challenge was awesome! We had a lot of interest in internships with TouchGlobal

-I am staying on with TouchGlobal as a writer. I need to raise support for this so please pray for current supporters to stay on or that God will raise up new people who want to partner with me.
-3 more weeks left in New Orleans! Pray that I stay energized and finish strong! 

May 5, 2012
-I'm able to visit Pennsylvania this week! So excited to see my family!
-The Spring Break season has ended, but I'm so grateful for the week off that we as a staff get next week.

-I'm travelling to Alabama tomorrow, then on to Pennsylvania with Jen on Tuesday. Please pray that we will be kept safe!
-The summer season starts when I get back to New Orleans! Please pray that Jesus will continue to transform volunteers and the people we work with!
-One more week of school! Please pray that I finish strong...almost there!
April 27, 2012
-I have been moving around quite a bit and I'm very thankful that God has kept me safe in my travels!
-This week we have great teams in New Orleans from Maryland and North Carolina and I also have the privilege of seeing Dustin, and also meeting and taking pictures of the team from SBU that is training for Japan.

-Please, please, please pray for my support to come in that I need! I'm praying for the possibility of more people wanting to come alongside me and help me do the work that I am called to do in New Orleans for 4 more months!
March 27, 2012
-We have our new house! We're living there until May 1st (Check out today's blog post to see a picture!)
-Teams have arrived! When volunteers come down, it's always a reason to praise God

-5 more weeks of school (which means tons of projects and papers to complete)
-Because of all the teams arriving, work is picking up. We're low on staff, so please pray that we have energy and are filled with the Holy Spirit in the coming weeks!

March 12, 2012
-We're moving into another house on Thursday (we'll be there for six weeks)
-The next 8 weeks on our calendars are filled with teams. PTL!

-I start school again this week (last week was my spring break). Pray that I can keep up with school and work! 8 more weeks!
- Pray that my support will remain steady and that God will provide the money I need to make it til August
- Pray that my walk with Christ grows deeper every day