Friday, May 24, 2013

She Wears White...

The past couple of weeks, I've constantly been reminded of the beauty of Christ and His relationship with His Bride, the Church. Whether it's in a sermon, a song or even a conversation with a friend, the subject keeps popping up.

Now here I am, the night before my wedding and I'm thinking about how wonderful it feels to be the bride. I have a faint idea of how it will feel on that great Wedding Day when the Bride finally is with Her Savoir.

I have an awful, filthy life to offer Dustin tomorrow. But he knows that, he accepts me, he forgets the wrongs I've committed, and loves me anyway. Because of that, I can wear white. Just like Christ, when Dustin looks at me, he sees someone pure and unblemished. That is an incredible feeling. I'm so overwhelmed right now by the love of my Savoir and the love of the man I'm marrying. I'm so blessed to see my future husband mirroring Christ.

Our greatest prayer tomorrow is that we glorify God. We want him to receive all the praise and all the honor. It's not about Dustin and I. It's about a Savoir who placed two sinners together and gave the grace to have the ability to bring him glory through a marriage. I want everyone to see that! Please pray that tomorrow will be all about Jesus, not about us! I will wear white because I am washed in the blood of Christ and I have no shame in Him. For that, I'm forever grateful.

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