Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moving In (For once, I'm not talking about myself)

I just got off the phone with the most delightful woman! One reason why I love my job is that I am blessed to be able to record and document how God moves so powerfully in New Orleans.

Miss Pat is one of our homeowner's who is well on her way to moving into her house. She's an incredible woman of faith who excitedly told me how God moved and worked in her situation after Katrina. She was at a point of hopelessness and despair and God lifted her out of the pit and set her feet upon the rock. Miss Pat told me that she knows that God brought TouchGlobal to her even when she thought the enemy had won.

Please pray for Miss Pat as she works a lot on the North Shore and also in the city. She has the capability of moving in, but has not purchased the furniture and other things that she needs in order to do that.
Miss Pat with a team from California in October of 2011

How powerful. Today, I'm just praising God for bringing more and more homeowners to us. Or vice versa.

This summer, we have a projected number of at least 700 volunteers. Please pray that as we, as a staff, impact those volunteers and in turn, they impact the people they come in contact with. The glory is all HIS!


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