Friday, April 27, 2012

From One State to Another, and Then Another...

Last week was spent in Alabama. We had a team from Carlisle, Pa come down and build a house from the ground up for Miss Karen, whose home was destroyed by the March 2nd tornadoes. It was a challenging week for sure and full of growth. But seeing Miss Karen's excitement light up her face and her smile grow bigger with every passing day was worth it all. I'm praying that we had an impact on her life and that she will see Jesus because of it.
Plus, I was able to get up on a roof, which is always fun!! :)

Earlier this week I was in New Orleans with teams from Maryland and North Carolina. And the nice North Carolina guys let me help them put in a ceiling. They even took pictures for me! :)

Right now I'm in Missouri visiting the husband-to-be and his family, talking about wedding things and picking out classes for when I attend Southwest Baptist University in the fall! Also, Mark Lewis and Katie Hooks made the trip to SBU to train a team of college students who are soon leaving for Japan on a mission trip! I was able to take some pictures of the training session and also them as a team. Please pray for them! 
Katie, Mark and the Japan team
I have 2 more weeks of school left. There is light at the end of this tunnel. I'm so pumped for summer and lots of volunteers and hard work! School is the only thing standing in my way :) Please pray that I finish out this semester strongly!
Also, please continue to pray for my support to come in. Unfortunately, it has not been as regular as it should be, and I am getting about half of what I should be receiving I would love to get a new camera before this summer is over so that I can do my job better, but at this point I will be using my support for just food and housing.
As always thank you for your prayers. They mean so very much to me and they keep me going! I'm praising God for the people that read this and continue to support me financially and with prayer!

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